A web-based control panel for PowerDNS

Welcome to Poweradmin!

A friendly web interface for PowerDNS

Poweradmin is a friendly web-based DNS administration tool for Bert Hubert's PowerDNS server. The interface has full support for most of the features of PowerDNS. It has full support for all zone types (master, native and slave), for supermasters for automatic provisioning of slave zones, full support for IPv6 and comes with multi-language support. See feature list for all features.

This version of Poweradmin is an adaptation of the Poweradmin that was written by Jorn Ekkelenkamp and Roeland Nieuwenhuis long time ago. The current version has been extended with numerous features that were missing in the original code and has considerable performance improvements. We also removed the "sequence updater" and replaced the database abstract layer code. We are now working hard in getting the basic setup right. As soon as all functionality is fixed, we will start working on the interface itself, improving it's usability and make it more attractive.

Poweradmin is released under a GPL license. Most recent version is 2.1.7.


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